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About Us


When the opportunity came to open a store, I knew I wanted Conversations Pieces to be like an old fashion grocer's store; the kind where you went as a little girl with your Mom, and the Grocer takes his time to get to know you and genuinely assist Mom to find the items she really needs.  No pressure, or hard sell... just taking the time to assist her from the bottom of his heart.  Then, of course, the baby always gets a lollipop! 

We don't want to play retail games.  The internet is filled with online stores; stores that offer endless sales and discounts daily, traditional retail tactics we have considered along the way, then were horrified to realize that retailers were able to do this because the costs were hidden in the product's price. 

We offer fair and consistent pricing year round.  Because we do not spend time on traditional retail tactics, dwell on older inventory or create sale events for them, we are able to focus on customer service and open communication; positive. progressive ideas and suggestions that help me move forward with fresh, new merchandise offerings. 

We don't stock furiously. We take time to find clothes that are easy to wear, great to travel with, and are your go-to pieces over and over again.  They must last a few seasons, wear well, feel good and are affordable, low maintenance and practical.  I try my best to ensure that every piece from Conversation Pieces is something that you will reach for in your closet time and time again.   

Thanks for stopping by! 

Hugs, kisses and tail wags!

Audrey & Angel